Welcome to the only Armenian chatroom on the web.

We are pleased to have you here. The Armenian chatroom owners and operators are here to provide

you a wonderful chatting experience.

In order to make sure we all have a good time, we have prepared some guidelines for all of us to follow.

If you have any questions and concerns please message any available op, in the channel. If nobody is

available at that moment, please feel free to use our email for Armenian Ops.

Please be mindful of other users, be respectful and do not create conflicts.

If there is conflict with a user, please take it into a private window, where you are free to continue your

argument as long as you would like.

We don’t tolerate racism or discrimination on #Armenia, if you do not agree with somebody’s lifestyle,

please refrain from arguing with them, as that would be looked upon as harassment.

#Armenia is a chatroom where all the Armenian'ss in the world are welcome to come and have a pleasant

discussion about any healthy subject, we do not tolerate excessive sexual behavior and comments in the

main window.

Do not come to Armenian for Adult (sexual) content, if that’s the only reason you want to chat, please

look for other chatrooms on the web, where such behavior is acceptable.

If there is a discussion in the main window that annoys you, or if a person messages you and you do not

want to receive farther messages from that user, please use the ignore option by typing /ignore

Nickname. You can ignore as many users as you like.

Please be mindful towards the operators of the channel. We are all here as volunteers and because we

care about Armenian's and Armenia, we want to make sure there is a place for all the Armenian's around

the world to gather together for a good conversation.

Do not harass the ops and try to bully them, that behavior will lead you to your permanent ban. If you

are a user who comes to the chatroom for the sole purpose of harassing others, you will not be welcome

on #Armenia.

Please be nice and kind to the new users who will join the channel, as we will continue trying to raise

more awareness of the chatroom and invite as many people as we can, to bring all the Armenian's

together. We want to make sure, the experience is pleasant for everyone.

Children under 12 are not allowed on #Armenia. Spreading information about children, sharing their

pictures and any other inappropriate behavior towards children will lead to your permanent ban.

Spreading the pictures, private information, personal stories of a user or anybody other than yourself,

will lead to your permanent ban on #Armenia.

Cursing is prohibited in the channel and will gain you a straight ban without warning, even if you may

think your cursing is justified, our bots are set to kickban any user who curses.

Subjects that are sensitive for the Armenian people are very sacred to our hearts, here is the most

important one:

permanent ban.

If you would like to access #Armenian on your mobile device, you can download any IRC app, the URL for

the chatroom is irc.Global-Chat.ga, after you are on Cilicia you simply type the following /join #Armenia,

and you will be in our channel.

Please use common sense and courtesy as you communicate in the chatroom. As we all do so, the

chatroom experience will be a pleasant entertainment for all of us at the end of our busy days.

We hope you enjoy every moment on #Armenia.


Global-Chat.ga Administration

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