Armenian Chat Room Commands

/NICK { nickname }a -- Changes your nickname to whatever you like.

/JOIN { #channel } -- Sets your current channel to the supplied channel.

/LIST [ [ { flags } ] { channel mask } ] -- Lists all current channels.

/PART [ #channel ] -- Makes you leave a channel. (same as LEAVE) /PART #Armenia --- You have left #Armenia

/WHOIS { nickname } -- Shows information about someone.

/IGNORE [ nickname|user@host ] -- Ignore all contact from the specified people.

/QUIT [ reason ] -- Exits your IRC session. (Also BYE and EXIT.)

Nickname Registration

The following command will begin the registration process:

1. /msg NickServ REGISTER yourPassword your@email.address

Make sure that your password is longer than 5 characters, and that your email is valid.

2. Check your email for a response from LibraIRC. Copy and paste the confirmation code found in the email, which should have the following format:

/msg NickServ CONFIRM ConfirmationCodeFromEmail

If the confirmation code above is not entered within 24 hours, the nickname will be released and available for others to register. If the confirmation code above was copied correctly and still gives you an error, just type it out by hand. Copying seems to break it in some cases.

Having a registered nickname is very useful in many ways, benefits include registering a channel and requesting a vHost.

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